X-Men: Dark Phoenix Costumes

Although the 2019 X-Men movie was a disappointment at the box office, X-Men Dark Phoenix costumes will undoubtedly still be a go-to for die-hard X-Men fans.

One of their members, the Phoenix begins to develop dark powers that corrupt her and so she becomes the Dark Phoenix for the latest X-Men movie. So, the stakes have never been higher than in the new movie, since the X-men now face one of their most formidable enemies in the form of one of their  own members. She’s now on the “dark side,” so to speak.

This happens because of the cosmic force she was hit with while in space. The dilemma is that the others in the group must make the choice to decide to save her or to save humanity.

Jean Grey is one of the fan favorite characters, and she’ll be an in demand costume this Halloween, too. She keeps a tight restraint on her powers because of their strength.

In the original comic, her mind was manipulated by a supervillain known as Mastermind. When that happened, she started using her powers for evil. With the power to destroy the earth, Dark Phoenix has gone rogue.

This Halloween, you can dress as this complex character. The Phoenix jumpsuit is stretchy, so it fits perfectly. The torso part of the suit is a vibrant red, while the legs and arms are gold.

The chest of the jumpsuit has a golden phoenix, like Jean Grey’s in the movie. The jumpsuit comes with attached gloves and belt, which are also gold.

If you’re looking to dress as a villain for this Halloween, Magneto is a great choice.


The Magneto costume is a red jumpsuit with purple accents. His wrist gauntlets, belt, and boots are purple as well.

The jumpsuit comes with an attached purple cape to match. It also comes with a molded open face mask of red and purple.

Magneto is one of the X-men’s greatest adversaries but has been known to be an ally to them when a great need arises.

He’s also a close friend of Professor X, who’s the leader of the X-men, though they have very different world views.

Another good choice for an X-men costume is Mystique. She first appeared in 1978 and is often seen as a foe of the X-men.



Another good choice for an X-men costume is Mystique. She first appeared in 1978 and is often seen as a foe of the X-men.

However, in X-men Dark Phoenix, she’s an ally to them. She was once close to Professor X and is his adopted sister. She’s a shapeshifter and has accelerated healing abilities.

The Mystique costume is a skintight blue jumpsuit. It has darker blue dots all over the arms, chest, and legs. The jumpsuit will cover you from your neck to your feet allowing only your face to show.

If you’d like to go as a founding member of the X-men, you can dress up as Cyclops. He has the ability to shoot energy beams from his eyes. He’s unable to control the beams unless he’s wearing special goggles.

He’s often referred to as the first of the X-men. The Cyclops costume is a printed blue jumpsuit with gold accents, though in some costumes these accents appear browner than gold.

The chest is padded, and it has the X-men symbol on the upper left side.

The costume comes with a matching blue hood.

Attached to the hood are the silver and red goggles that Cyclops has to wear to protect those around him from his energy beams.

True X-Men aficionados won’t mind that the movie was not as triumphant as hoped.

They will still, in true loyalty,  shop and proudly don any one of the X-Men Dark Phoenix costumes.



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