Feel the Power of the Norse god in Thor Costume

thor costumeFeel the power. Transform yourself into a mystical hammer-wielding superhero in the Thor costume this Halloween. And if you’re influenced by trends, you’ll fit right in – the Thor costume promises to be one of the top Halloween costumes this year.

This ancient superhero is a very popular Nordic god, who gained recognition through the Avengers series of comics and most recently, the Avengers films. Thor also has his own series of spin off movies, including 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor is a mighty warrior who has control over lightning, and uses his mighty Mjolnir Hammer to strike down his foes (although in the latest movie he’s sword-wielding).

Naturally, such a cool superhero is going to be the character that many kids want to dress up as for Halloween.

There are many Thor costumes available for both children and adults. In general, Thor’s outfit has remained the same throughout the years. He wears his Nordic armor along with a long red cape attached to his chest plate.

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He has shoulder length blond hair, as well as a blond beard. He also has red wrist wraps with gauntlets over them, and wears long black boots. His armor varies between a silver grey and a silver blue color.

The mighty Thor also occasionally wears a helmet, but the design varies. The most recent helmet has flat wings on the side, and some parts covering the cheeks of the wearer. An older version of the helmet has wings flying out of the side with a small spike coming out of the top.

Another costume from Thor: Ragnarok that may be appealing is that of Loki, Thor’s nemesis brother. The Loki costume is primarily green and gold. And the helmet looks awesome with its massive horns.

Loki costumes are available for both boys and girls. For kids, the guy’s costumes may come with some extra padding around the shoulders to make it look like they have muscles, or you might find these costumes as regular jumpsuits.

Regardless of which character you choose to dress up as from Thor: Ragnarok, you’ll need the right accessories if you want your entire ensemble to look just right.

Most often, the trimmings that you need to make your Halloween outfit look complete and authentic don’t come with your purchase of the costume.

So don’t forget these accessories for Thor: Ragnarok:

If you’re dressing up as Thor, your costume just wouldn’t be complete without Thor’s hammer.

There are many versions of the hammer available from different costume retailers, ranging from those that are plastic to ones that are foam. There even are Thor hammers that light up and make sounds when you move it.

You might also add Thor’s helmet, because while he didn’t always wear it in the movies, it really completes the look.

The Loki costume also requires the helmet; and it’s a grand-looking piece of work.

So do you think you’re worthy of the power of Thor? And would you like to be a superhero Norse god of thunder for a day? Then the Thor: Ragnarok costume is it.

If you’ve got the right attitude, the Thor costume is probably your best bet. It’s listed as one of the best Halloween costumes this year. So go ahead and grab yours today before they fly off the shelves.

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