Fight The Villains In A Superhero Couples Costume

Want to be part of a superhero couples costume for Halloween? Then go for it!

With the tremendous success of the Marvel franchise, there certainly is no shortage of ideas. And when it comes to Halloween, one staple among bestseller lists is always the superhero costumes.

Regardless of whether it’s adults or kids, superheroes win our hearts every time.

Adult Mr. Incredible Costume

Mr. Incredible

Disney Mrs. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible


Let’s begin then with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible.

They’re animated, yes, but they’re still superheroes.

They also have a family of little superheroes, but you can dress up for Halloween as the Mom and Dad, without the kids in tow.


Captain America Civil War Costume

Captain America

Women's American Beauty Superhero Costume1

American Beauty







All-time favorite Captain America is a must on your list of possibilities.

Pair him with American Beauty and you have a winner. And don’t forget, you can always use the female versions of the male superheroes.

American Beauty and Captain America are a cute couple. Shannon Carter grew up idolizing Captain America and eventually gets to be on the team with him. The red, white and blue outfits go well together, and parties can their own indestructible shields as accessories.

Of course, we can’t leave Batman out of the mix. Batman can go trick or treating with Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy (yes, a supervillainess can go trick or treating) or even Harley Quinn!


Dawn of Justice Batman v Superman costume


Harley Quinn /














Spiderman Far From Home



Spidergirl can join Spiderman at any Halloween party or to go trick or treating.



What better way for having fun than swinging through the air with Spiderman as part of a superhero couples costume?

Or how about Gwen with Spiderman in a superhero couples costume?




A Thor couple costume is a great look for a character who not only had his own blockbuster movie, but is now part of the Avengers movie, ranked as one of this year’s biggest hits. Both costumes will most likely have capes and hammers, to complete the look.

You can pair Thor with Scarlet Witch or Black Widow.


A Green Lantern couple is like Batman and Spiderman. There’s no Green Lantern lady, but the costume can depict an admiration of the character. For women, it will probably be a skirt with gloves and boot covers. The Green Lantern costume typically includes the mask, jumpsuit and boot covers, too.

The Flash costume would pair a muscle Flash with a sexy female Flash costume. Flash is a character that you can find men and women’s costumes for. The women’s costumes are red dresses with tights and a logo on the dress. The men’s is a muscular jumpsuit with boot tops and a hood for his Flash logo.

These are just a few suggestions for superhero couple costumes. The possibilities are endless. has a fun guide where you can do your own pairing With their very helpful Visual Couples Costume Guide, you can look at your selection side by side and see exactly how the final outfit will look.

Dress to impress this Halloween with Couples Costumes from

Check it out. It’s fun to mix and match these superhero couple costumes before you make a final decision.

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