Black Panther Shuri Costume

Dressed in the Black Panther Shuri costume, every young girl will feel like a heroine fighting alongside Black Panther, defending Wakanda.

The Shuri outfit is a popular selection among the Black Panther outfits.

Black Panther Shuri Costume Amazon

Shuri is a princess of Wakanda and is T’Challa’s sister. She’s an all-round genius skilled martial artist and assumes the role of Black Panther while her brother is forced to recover from the wounds that he received in battle.

Women's Shuri Black Panther costume

Black Panther Shuri costume






Princess Shuri costume:

  • colorful, fitted sleeveless catsuit
  • high collar foam “armor” with hook and loop in back
  • attached foam boot covers with elastic bands under foot
  • may come with the armbands that Shuri wears throughout the Black Panther movie.
  • heavy duty gauntlets that look real
  • may also include the belt and gloves

The silver face paint to complete the look is not sold with the costume.

What kid doesn’t love the Black Panther movie? Dress them up in their favorite Black Panther character. You can get in on the action too, by donning the adult version of any one of the amazing Black Panther costumes.

With genius level intelligence, Shuri would make every girl proud to be dressed in a Shuri Halloween outfit.

In this girls’ Black Panther Shuri costume, every little girl will feel as smart and hip as princess Shuri. And let’s not forget: She can fight, too!  So with the other Wakanda warriors, she’s ready to take on Killmonger and his warriors. And as far as superheroes go, she’s “‘super-duper.”


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