Join The Halloween Fun In Any Of These Pregnant Costumes

Don’t think you’re restricted this Halloween if you’re you anxiously waiting for the arrival of your precious bundle of joy. Pregnant costumes are available for you to enjoy the festivities. There are plenty of maternity costumes that you can choose from and they can be funny, sexy, scary or devilish.

There’s nothing to prevent you from stepping out in style and comfort in just the costume you want.  Still, even if you’re not expecting a baby, there are versions of these Halloween costumes for pregnant women that can work for women who aren’t pregnant.

Ragdoll costumes are unique maternity costumes featuring the dress like you see on Raggedy Ann as well as the bloomers, the white mop hat and the bloomers that are red and white striped.

In the funny department of maternity costumes for pregnant women is the hillbilly costume. This one gives a lot of humor to the ‘barefoot and pregnant’ theme.

One of the dresses is a wedding dress with pretty lace sleeves – and the lace is also on the bottom of the dress where the jagged hem is.

Another lighthearted costumes for pregnant women is that of soccer mom. You can sport the cute T-shirt that’s cleverly designed like a soccer ball.

Soccer mom pregnancy costume


Nurse costumes have always been favorite Halloween wear, and now there are maternity nurse costumes.

Featuring the nurse uniform and hat, this is a perfect pregnancy costume to wear to Halloween events.

You can still sail the high in a maternity Halloween costume with spirit and vigor wearing the pirate costume.

Comfortable pants, long maternity fluffy shirt and a short vest are topped off with a stylish pirate hat. A sword shows that this pirate is one that knows where all the best places are to plunder – and she’s willing to fight for it.


A fairy costume that has the wings, headpiece and dress are super easy for moms-to-be to wear as their pregnancy Halloween costume. They’re soft and comfortable and come in lovely pastel colors.

Though not a fairy, another winged costume is that of an angel. The angel costume can easily accommodate any pregnancy size. The dress is white and comfortable. The accessories include the wings and halo.

If you’re feeling a little more devilish, try out the devil costume for pregnant women that comes with the dress, decoration and horns.

Classic witch costumes are nice for mommy-to-be to wear, and since many of them are one size fits all, they fit great. With fishnet lace arm sleeves and fishnet stockings, this is one witch costume where you won’t find a bad spell in sight.

Perhaps as an inside joke to the ‘bun in the oven’ saying, there’s an adorable baker costume for pregnant women that’s sure to bring lots of compliments and laughter on Halloween. Comfortable white baker shirt and pants and chef hat make this costume one of the perfect maternity costumes for pregnant women.

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