Joaquin Phoenix Joker Costume: This One Is No Joke

The Joaquin Phoenix Joker costume depicts the Joker, Clown Prince of Crime, as the still-dapper dresser in his latest dashing suit.

Now the star of his own movie, The Joker, one of DC comics iconic supervillain, still decked out as ever, dons a red suit, green shirt and orange vest. The Joker movie costume is topped off with the Joker clown mask.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Costume

The Joker 2019 Costume

2019 Joker costume

But even in all his new-found glory in his new Joker movie costume ensemble, the Joker still can’t hide his further decline into madness. Coming soon to a theater near you is the 2019 Joker movie.

One of the most notable villains in Batman’s history, Joker, along with his dapper wardrobe, has evolved with time.

When he was first introduced, the Joker’s character was initially supposed to be killed off early in the story line. However, this idea was changed in editing, and instead the Joker became Batman’s biggest archenemy.

Over time, he came to be a favorite among movie goers. Now, finally, he’ll have his own movie.

So, if you’re a Joker fan, you can represent the 2019 Joker in his latest fashion statement by getting the Joaquin Phoenix Joker costume.

On the other hand, if you’re still into previous Joker characters, check these out…

Joker costumes through the ages

The Joker’s wardrobe throughout the years has been transformational.

Arguably, the most recognizable version of the Joker’s outfits is the one from The Dark Knight. This costume comes with a purple jacket with the shirt attached.

It includes a patterned tie like the Joker wore in the movies as well as his trademark green vest. The costume also comes with the matching striped purple pants.

The Dark Knight Joker costume

Joker Dark Knight Costume

Dark Knight Joker costume

Also included is a white face mask with red streaks around the mouth, and black smudges around the eyes. The mask has green hair parted on the side.

But if you’re looking for a Joker costume that’s a little less scary, then you can get the Suicide Squad Joker outfit like the one from the Suicide Squad movies.

Suicide Squad Joker costume

The Joker Suicide Squad costume

Suicide Squad Joker costume

In this series, the Joker is Harley Quinn’s significant other and will do pretty much anything to help her. This Joker costume has a pale, long-sleeve shirt. It’s designed to look like the Joker’s chest, with several “tattoos” including a skull with a jester’s hat on the chest, a Batman symbol on the arm, and his name spelled across the stomach.

Also included in the costume is a short green wig, similar to the hairstyle the Joker had in the Suicide Squad movie. The costume also comes with a make-up set. You can also purchase the purple overcoat the Joker was seen wearing.

If you want to go as something a little more light-hearted, then think old school. You can dress up as the Joker from the 1960s. The original Batman TV series ran from 1966 to 1968 and was one of the most popular shows of its time.

Joker from Batman Series 1960s

Batman Classic Joker Costume

This Joker outfit is a light purple suit with striped pants. The suit jacket has black buttons and green sleeve cuffs. It also comes with a matching vest and an attached green shirt. There’s a thin bow tie to wear over the shirt. 



So, if you want to dress up as this most iconic villain of all time for this Halloween, then you have a few different options. The Joker, is after all, one of the most well-known villains in the comic book world.

You surely can’t miss if you decide on any one these options. But with the high expectations of the upcoming movie, just in time for Halloween, you can’t miss with the new Joker 2019 costume. </p>



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