Release Your Inner Bad Ass In Sassy Harley Quinn Costume

harley quinn halloween costumeAn ensemble of sexy and deadly, the Harley Quinn costume from Suicide Squad is one of the popular Halloween costumes this year.

Still as nuts as ever, everyone’s favorite bad girl, Harley Quinn, shows her no-nonsense attitude in any one of the different styles of her outfits.

Something about her character’s badness when she first appeared on the scene in the episode “Joker’s Favor” resonated with audiences. And she wore eye popping clothes, including that skin-tight bodysuit.

As a member of the Suicide Squad team, the 2016 Harley Quinn is a deranged anti-hero. It’s amazing to see how such an unbalanced character could garner such popularity.

Harley was beautiful, feisty and knew how to keep up with even the roughest of villains. She was Batman’s devious enemy and loved to work hand in hand with the Joker.

Truly dangerous and absolutely nuts, Harley was corrupted by The Joker with whom she fell in love. They say that love makes people do crazy things, and this sure does apply to her. She uses her deadly skills to make him happy.

Putting aside her Joker mask and signature red and black clothes from her Batman appearances, Harley now dresses in baseball tees with fishnets to add a certain vavoom. And let’s not forget her companion baseball bat.

The Harley Quinn costume is based on the outfit that she wore in the movie. It’s spunky and fun.

Features of the Harley Quinn Halloween costume:

• The costume consists of the jacket that’s half red and half blue. It’s made of satin, so it’s soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.
• It has gold trim along the sleeves and bottom.
• The cuffs of the jacket are done in both red and gold.
• As part of the jacket, there’s a crop top shirt.
• This shirt is distressed white - which means that it was deliberately made to look old.

Part of the shirt also contains red to match the jacket.

• The shirt portion is emblazoned with the phrase “Daddy’s Lil Monster” across the bust area.
• Along with the shirt and jacket combo, the Halloween costume has a pair of short-shorts.

• These are a mixture of both red and blue and they’re sequined.
• As part of the costume, there’s also a pair of fishnet tights that Harley was known to wear.
• In a lot of the images for this Halloween costume, you’ll see the one of a kind wig.

It’s her hair that’s the pale blond on the top of the head to about a third of the way down the ponytails. But from there, each ponytail takes on a different color. One is dark pink and the other is blue.

Though you’ll see it shown in various images for the costume, this wig doesn’t come with the costume, but you can buy that separately.

You’ll also often see the costume shown with a pair of boots. These don’t come with the costume, either. You’ll have to buy these separately as well.

With her pale white skin and her blonde hair, dip dye blue ponytail on the left, red on the right, Harley Quinn is innocent-looking and at the same time mentally challenged, and deadly with her bat.

You may be excited to get into the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume this Halloween. But you’ll need the right attitude–so you know what you’re getting into before you venture into the sexy supervillain’s skin, so to speak.

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