Disney Costumes For Girls: Be A Princess Or Villainess?

There’s never any doubt that you can find Disney costumes for girls when Halloween comes around. Charming audiences for years, Disney has created many characters that are admired and become favorites of adults as well as children.

Particularly special are the princesses. One of the most popular Disney costumes for girls are the princesses. After all, many little girls dream of becoming a princess.

Many of the favorite characters represented are based on some classic and popular movies. Let’s start with the Disney princesses—for which Disney gets a lot of accolades.

A not-so-newcomer to the line of Disney princesses is Belle.

With the release of the movie, Beauty and the Beast, she has become even more popular.  There are different costumes for Belle

  • The Belle yellow dress is the most popular and one of the top Disney costumes for girls, even for other dress-up occasions. It’s the dress she wears when she dances with the Beast.
  • There’s the blue costume dress with the white apron that Belle wears a lot. This costume also comes with a tea towel.
  • Another costume variation for Belle is her blue village dress. This outfit differs a little by having two different patterns on the skirt.



Belle’s character is an avid reader and spends a lot of her time with the enchanted clock, candelabra, and dishes of the Beast’s house.

Of course, there’s Cinderella from Disney’s original lineup of princesses. Almost everyone knows Cinderella’s story—wicked stepmother, hateful stepsisters until t


hat fateful night.

You can buy Cinderella’s costume as the dress she wore to the ball the night she met the prince.

  • You can purchase the dress as an ankle-length costume.
  • This comes with matching glovelets, a choker necklace, and a hair ribbon.
  • You can also buy this costume with the full skirt that reaches to the floor.
Princess Jasmine Halloween costume


But how about feisty princess Jasmine?

This princess from Agrabah gets around on her magic carpet donned in this beautiful costume…

  • a jumpsuit made of polyester satin and chiffon with concealed back zipper
  • gold trim, sequins, gems and a neckline pendant
  • traditional harem pants look (baggy) fully lined with elastic ankle cuffs

Girls who dress up in this beautiful Jasmine costume will surely believe they’ve entered the world of make believe.

But the Disney costumes for girls does not include only princesses

Inspired by the movie, the Moana costume is a fan favorite.

In the movie, Moana is chosen by the ocean to find the stolen heart of Te Fiti and return it. After facing many dangers to find the heart, the adventurous Moana returns to her island and becomes chief.

You’ll get an authentic Disney Moana look in this costume

  • a colorful two-piece outfit features unique prints.
  • clear shoulder straps and a skirt with fringe details.
  • Keep in mind though that the costume doesn’t come with a wig or her necklace. You’ll need to buy those separately.

Far from the world of princesses, Disney costumes for girls take us to wicked witches and their off-springs.


Maleficent Disney costumes for girls

Maleficent Costume

Sinister sorceress Maleficent gives us a simple yet dramatic-looking ensemble with headpiece. The Maleficent costume includes:

  • a black or dark purple dress that has a stand-up collar as in the movie.
  • some of the dresses come with a slit in the front from the ankle to just above the knee.
  • others also have a sculpted brooch on the front.
  • the dresses have loose and billowing sleeves and tight waistlines.
  • some of the costumes may also include a crow prop or a staff.
  • the costume also has a headpiece with horns like the ones Maleficent wore in the movie.
  • the headpieces are usually large enough to hold hair back and up off the neck.

 Mal from the Descendants

As the daughter of Maleficent, Mal from the Descendants series was raised to be evil. Still no matter how much she does, it never seems to be enough to satisfy her mother.

After years of following in her mother’s wicked footsteps, Mal decides to transform herself.

  • Mal’s costume comes as a tank top with an attached vest.
  • Leggings and wings are also included.
  • The costume doesn’t come with a wig or boots.

Of course, we can’t leave out the female superheroes.

Young Violet from Disney Incredibles comes in with her super powers. Her costume


  • jumpsuit with Incredibles “i” logo
  • eye mask
  • skirt

Or you can check out the Incredibles Elastigirl costume:

  • jumpsuit with short turtleneck that has the famous “i” logo
  • sleeves with black sleeves that look like gloves
  • high hips are attached to dark legging pants
  • fake boot tops that has elastic bands which slip under the feet. You can wear black shoes with these so that it will look like a one-piece.
  • glossy red belt
  • superhero black mask

As you can see, the Disney costumes for girls run the gamut from princesses to wicked sorceresses to incorrigible teens and young ‘uns with incredible superpowers.  Check out this wide selection and make your choice.


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