Dawn of Justice Batman Costume

In Dawn of Justice Batman costume he wears a suit made of fabric, instead of one made of armor, like in previous movies. Still, there are variations of these Batman costumes.

In Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie, fans were looking forward to getting the answer to a question that's plagued them for a long time:  who would win if Superman and Batman fought. Won't tell you here, that's for sure. Go see the movie.

Anyway, as far as their outfits go, they're pretty much the same-o, same-o --not much difference. A jumpsuit.

  • For the Batman costume, you can purchase it either as fabric or as one designed to mimic the armored one.
  • You can buy the armored one with detailed chest padding or without. You can also get the fabric one with or without the chest padding. The costume is a jumpsuit with boot covers attached.
  • It also comes with a cape and belt.
  • The mask differs from costume to costume and may be sold separately.

If you have a child who wants to dress up as Batman for Halloween, you can purchase the child-size costume.

  • These can also be bought in the armored or fabric style.
  • They come with a cape and belt.
  • The mask may be sold separately.
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