Classic Sexy Halloween Costumes For Women

Classic sexy Halloween costumes for women have been around for decades and always look great at Halloween parties, trick or treating, or even celebrating at home. Sexy costumes are always on the list of popular costumes each year.


One classic costume that never loses its appeal is a witch costume, but today’s witch costumes are sexy and slinky.

      • You’ll find them with or without a cape addition and in long dress or short dress style.
      • You’ll get some witch costume with bow decorated fishnet stockings and some with knee high boots.



The police officer mini dress is sexy enough to stop traffic. The costume is a short, above the thigh dress that zips up. It comes with handcuff belt and police hat.

Check out more sexy police office costumes below. 



A sexy classic costume that’s also elegant is the Cleopatra costume. This one comes with the dress, headpiece, cape, the wrist pieces, and the collar.

Along the same style of sexy classic costumes are the goddess costumes.

  • You’ll find these in a few different styles, most of them with long or short white or blue ice dresses.
  • You’ll find Athenian or Grecian style with the gold arm cuff jewelry and lace up sandals in gold or silver.

In the firefighter sexy Halloween costumes, you just might cause plenty of fires. The short dress costume features black mini dress with reflective yellow stripes.

Some of the firefighter costumes are a little sassier and have bright colors like red, topped with sequins for a shimmy when you walk. These costumes also have a helmet and come with red decorative hose.



The flapper costume is an easy choice when looking for a sexy Halloween costume because it's easy to accessorize.  This classic costume has been a perennial favorite on Halloween costumes lists.

Many of these costumes have the dangling pieces of fringed material at the bottom of the dress and come with either a feathered headpiece or a boa in various colors.


A belly dancer costume is another popular classic sexy costume. They have see-through pants, top and veil; but you can also find these types of costumes in the same style similar to what Jeannie wore in the TV series, I Dream of Jeannie.

• You can get these in long skirts instead of pants and you can find some with the coin attachments, too.

There are also car-hop or waitress costumes that are great for Halloween.

• With the car-hop costume, you’ll get the dress, hat and the overlay apron.
• The waitress costume is a slim fitting dress, candy stripe top and matching hat.

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