Whacky And Cute: The Best Dog Costumes

Costumes for dogs are nothing new but the Halloween dog costumes business has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years.

Of course, you already know that your dog wants in on whatever fun you’re having. And Halloween is no exception. Besides, let’s face it, for all you know your beloved pooch just may be more into the Halloween hoopla than you are.

So dressing up as a favorite character for Halloween is not just for kids and adults any more. As members of the family, some dogs and other pets want to take part in the celebrations as well. And some of these costumes can look so cute on them.

Consensus then is: Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore. So buying a costume for your dog for Halloween is now part of the annual ritual.

Besides, you love your beloved pooch. And whether you have one or more than one dog, or if they’re your children’s best friends or yours, they are after all, members of the family.

So to make sure you don’t deny your pooch the pleasure of dressing up for Halloween, we’re providing you with a list of some of the best dog costumes for Halloween to get you started. Here goes…

Star Wars Dog Costumes

On the other hand, if think your dog is more into sci fi, then check out these cute Star Wars dog costumes…

Superhero Costumes For Dogs

Now, if your dog is more the superhero type, we have suggestions for superheroes dog costumes. Check them out below…

Dog Dinosaur Costumes

How about dinosaurs? Think your dog will sit still for these kinds of costumes? If so, think on these…

Now, here’s the rub. You may not be into any of the genres (Star Wars, Superheroes, prehistoric). But let’s remember that this is for doggie.

Still, you may think that any one of the general dog costumes may look cuter than the more specific ones. But it’s for doggie. Not you.

Go with what’s safe for your dog and what will make him or her feel comfortable.

Incidentally, it’s becoming increasingly popular to have matching owner and dog Halloween costumes. Are you game? Maybe you’ll want to check into that. Here are a few suggestions...


Owner and Dog Halloween Costumes



Holy Hound dog costume

Holy Hound costume














































Jack Skellington Costume for Dogs


There's more. You and your pooch will be ready for whatever is in store for you on Halloween in any of these matching costumes.

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