Annabelle Costume: Getting Dolled Up Takes On A New Meaning

Although the Annabelle costume has not changed from the previous look in the last release of the Annabelle movie, it still promises to be on the list of top Halloween costumes 2019.

Annabelle doll costume
Annabelle costume

Featuring the deadly doll, Annabelle Comes Home follows the exploits at the Warrens’ home after demonologists Lorraine and Ed Warren locks the possessed doll in their secure artifacts room, hoping to prevent it from inflicting evil on the world.

They keep artifacts that are evil in that locked room. Many fans of the franchise will be able to spot items that were featured in other movies in the line.

Annabelle Costume

To keep what they think is evil in the Annabelle doll under control, the Warrens place the doll within a glass case in the room. They go as far as enlisting a priest to bestow holy water blessing on it, thinking that would keep the evil at bay.

For a while, it seemed that this blessing worked and that the doll couldn’t do any more harm. But…

…while the Warrens are away, their 10-year-daughter, Judy, along with her babysitter are thrust into a state of horror. This happens when everything goes south after the babysitter’s friend arrives to join in Judy’s birthday celebration.

Trying to find a way to connect with her late father, the friend wants to get into the artifact room. This character frees the evil held in check by Annabelle’s glass case. Judy and the two older girls must then fight for their lives.

By no stretch of the imagination is Annabelle an attractive doll and that’s reflected in the movie. And in the interest of authenticity, the Annabelle costume follows suit.

True to the character in the movie, the costume is a long, white dress. It ends with a flared bottom that touches the top of the boot. The dress has a wide red sash with a large rose flower on one side of it.

The top bodice of the dress has a fine line of red piping. The sleeves are puffed at the shoulders and are long, going all the way to the wrists.

In some versions of this costume, the face mask isn’t included so you’ll have to buy that separately.

Some of the masks come with the signature blonde hair, including the red ribbons. To complete the costume, you’ll want to add a pair of black lace up boots like the one the doll wears.

There’s a men’s version of this Annabelle costume and it’s made in all sizes, including extra-large. The costume is the same white dress with red trimmings. But it comes with a creepy Annabelle mask–including the wig.

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